The Cool School

It’s more than a place to learn, it’s a place to connect, and a place to share.
A place to talk. And a place to help. And to get help.
Welcome to Bidhive Academy.
A new way of learning.


Bidhive Academy is a place to share with others. Use forums to easily start conversations around hot topics. Call for opinions and comments.

Communicate. Pontificate. Collaborate.

It’s a place to help others. And to find help yourself. It’s a place to share what you know. It’s taken you years to learn everything that you’ve learned. Share that knowledge with your peers.

Share your years of wisdom. Lift up your counterparts, and share what you’ve learned. You could save someone months of work by sharing your secrets you’ve collected over the life of your career.


The Academy campus is a great place to meet and link up with like-minded peers. A place to chat over your morning coffee. A place to connect with kindred spirits.

You don’t need to be a student to hang out here. We are open to all. You just need a love of bidding and tendering. A love of winning work. A love of working smart.


Bidhive Academy is also an online learning and education platform that delivers self-paced instructional lessons dedicated to bidding and procurement best practice.

Our free and paid mini courses and master classes led by industry partners and sector experts aim to improve work winning behaviours and help companies win more contracts.


Share your knowledge with others in the forums. Answer questions posed by other members. Why not start a discussion of your own, something that you’re passionate about?!

Better yet, package up that knowledge and offer it on the site – for free or a fee – the choice is yours. But don’t let that knowledge go to waste.

Peer-to-peer learning is the new way of learning. So leverage the power of Bidhive Academy and be rewarded for sharing, helping and teaching.

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